like all of my most treasured experiences this one left me wrecked in the best way, my heart full and heavy, saturated with love, my brain buzzing with conversations, new connections lighting up parts of me I sometimes forget exist.

selfishly, the people I enjoy most are the ones who are radiate love and light, because they bring out my own light and together we all shine so brightly that we are momentarily blinded and want it to stay that way forever, forgetting that if we all shone like this all the time the world around us would burst into flames.

I am exceptionally grateful to the old friends I reunited with this weekend, and just as grateful for the new friendships formed, all in all grateful that to have friends like this in my life.

I’ll see all y’all cowboys and girls in nashville, LA, brooklyn, nicaragua and beyond. but it won’t be long, I’m sure.

until the next rodeo…