Hung out with the lovely French DJ, Kristina Tequila, at her apartment recently, for a little donut-themed shoot.

Get ya sprinkles on.

My Valentines interview with Kristina:

EW: what are your plans for Valentines Day night?

KT: Im always single for Valentines Day. This year for I’m going to court because I was riding a bike recklessly on the sidewalk a few months ago.

EW: Well, at least you won’t be lonely in a courtroom.

KT: Yup!

EW: You have a bunch of Facebook statuses about pizza; would you have preferred we did the shoot with pizza instead of donuts?

KT: oh yeah, I love pizza. And cheeseburgers. Thats what I eat all the time. Yeah, lets do a shoot for Christmas with pizza. We can get down and dirty.

EW: Its a date.

EW: Whats the worst Valentines Day present you have ever gotten?

KT: The worst Valentines Day present I ever got was a cat. The guy dumped me a few weeks later but I still have the cat. Well, my mother does.

And, a little bit of background on Miss Tequila….

Kristina Tequila is a DJ and event promoter based in Brooklyn, NY. Born in NYC but raised in Paris, she is influenced by and imbedded in the music scenes of both cities. You might have seen Miss Tequila on SHOT!, a Youtube show she co-created and hosts. For the show Miss Tequila interviews bands by asking them very straight forward question and while everyone takes shots. She also has a show on Newtown Radio on Fridays from 3 to 5PM. Whatever. Just google her name.

Kristina, my dear… you were a pleasure to work with. Thanks for indulging me when I asked you to use lipstick for frosting and donuts for a bra. Hope you have a sweet Valentines Day, and the courts go easy on your for your reckless bike riding.

xx em



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