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Salt roots. What a lovely and fitting name.

I have grown up by the beach my whole life, but never learned to surf. (I’ve attempted many times). However, my inability to surf doesn’t take away from my connection to the ocean. The beach is my escape, my meditation,  the closest thing to a religion I have ever had. When I am near the ocean, my soul can breathe. My roots are laced with the salt of the sea.

I have been seeking out NY surfers to document, and the universe (and UNSOUND SURF) brought me to this amazing bunch. Greg. Michelle. Joe. Ali. Matt. Documentation of a few hours in their lives.

Surfers, best friends.

In love with the ocean and each other and LIFE.

SALT ROOTS is the name of Greg & Michelle’s journey across the US in their VW Vanagon, Arabella. [Envy of their impending journey is sort of torturing me; I may meet up with them somewhere in the country to document them on a different coast. They are living out a dream of mine that will likely stay a dream.]

Beautiful faces, beautiful Long Beach sunrise light, beautiful souls. A few beautiful hours on a Sunday morning.

[shout outs to the brands they wear: RVCA, BILLABONG, UNSOUND SURF.]

**FOOTNOTE: A few wonderful photos have been held back from this shoot to be shown at a later date. Will show the lovely couples in the nude, communing with nature and their surfboards, when the moment is right. Stay tuned. xx em


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I’m adopting children when I’m older. No questions asked. And I’m spending at least a year volunteering at an orphanage in Haiti.

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