London + Granada

Double decker buses and cobblestone roads. Mulled wine. Fish and chips. Punks at Camden market.

High Tea. Foggy streets. Seeing the Queen as she exits Buckingham Palace (this actually happened.) Getting lost going back to Willesden Green.

The Tube. Chalk Farms. East London. Notting Hill. Portobello Market. Vintage, vintage, vintage! Fur coats for 10 pounds. Laughs for days with my sister and my cousins.

Stansted to Malaga. Malaga to Granada.

Winding cobblestone roads. Orange trees (naranjo). Dogs off their leashes. Going out at midnight. Flamenco. Arab Baths. The Realejo. Yellow sweaters and space heaters.

The Albycin. Little Morocco. Teterias. Dreadlock rockin hippies. Guitars and ukulele jam sessions. Te Pakistani (con leche por favor). Siestas!

Meeting my sisters roommate, seeing her apartment. Spending a week in her LIFE. Views of the Alhambra. Sharing a bed with my sister, like when we were little kids. Only, when we were young, we would fight over the covers. We are better at sharing now.

When I travel alone, my camera becomes my best friend. It’s my way to keep loneliness at bay; it is my companion. When I travel with family or friends, my camera competes for the attention of those people I am with. The people I am with often win that battle…

All this to say: I went to London and Spain to visit family- my cousin lives in London and my baby sister lives in Granada, Spain. I traveled to London with another cousin of mine, who is also one of my best friends, and together, we all had a European family reunion of sorts. Photography wasn’t my goal: laughing and bonding with family was… However, my camera still came along for the ride, but alas, with a much lightened kit (ONLY a 35 1.4L & 24-70 2.8L). It was the lightest kit I have ever brought while traveling, and there were times I was aching for my 70-200 2.8L. So, I was a bit disappointed with my images when I returned. Not enough attention was paid; I didn’t have my arsenal of photographic tools at my disposal. But this wasn’t a photo trip. This was a reunion; soaking up the moments spent with my sister to sustain me for the next 6 months of not seeing her.

Anyway, enough with the words. Hopefully my images provoke feelings that can transport you. I am usually quite eloquent, but when it comes to writing a blog post, I itch to get to the image part, and forgo the words. So, without further ado:



Last week I was flown to San Francisco to shoot the Korean pop sensation Taeyang perform at Bimbo’s 365 Club in San Francisco for the final installment of the 2013 Music Experiment series hosted by MTV Iggy & sponsored by Intel.

Fans of Taeyang are super devoted: some slept outside just to get a glimpse of him in person; two of the girls I spoke with (in the matching, handmade Taeyang sweatshirts below) flew in from KOREA for the show.

Thanks to FilterlessCo & Butchershop Creative for hooking me up with my rad co-photographer for the show, Grady & my amazing digital tech/editor-for-the-evening, Lance. [You boys rocked- looking forward to hanging the next time I'm in SF!]

Below are a few of my images… for the full slideshow of mine and Grady’s work, and video of the performance, wander over to the music experiment site…







inspired by being on set with the Über talented Danielle Levitt this week while she shot the Reebok #thisisclassic campaign for their new line, my test with Kristi @ Request/Redirect models was also 90′s hip-hop themed.

Photography: me! Emily Winiker

Model: Kristi W. @ Request/Redirct Models

Hair Stylist: Kristian Kanika (Kristian Bankston)

Makeup Artist: Mila J. Thomas

Assistant: Casey Sperry

Location: Bushwick, Brooklyn




CMJ 2013

1,400+ bands/musicians performing at 80+ venues across NYC & Brooklyn.

Intense, overwhelming; subways and cabs across town and between boroughs in hopes to catch that artist perform their short set.

I often missed the artist I was going to see because the schedule of the performances was so loose, and I tried to conquer too much. I’ll know better for next year, to do my research and hone in on those few artists I really want to hear.

But this year, I got a taste. And what I most enjoyed was not the music, but observing the one overriding common thread that of all performers and attendees shared: energy, enthusiasm, LOVE for music.


Not listed in any particular order… the artists featured in the images are:
Thomas Azier, Kalela, Empress Of, W$, Shy Girls, Gone Quite Mad, Walking Shapes