grandma doris.

My Grandma.

Doris J. Winiker.

92 years (and 4 months) young.The woman.

My fathers mother. My hero. Talented, creative, beautiful, generous, hilarious. Published writer, poet, fashion designer, boutique owner, high-heel wearing (still to this day) business woman before women could run businesses, mother of three sons (one Hari Krishna Swami), grandmother to four gaw-gous granddaughters.

Most fabulous woman I know. Oh, and she has her very own facebook fan page. Like it HERE.

FYI: This post is not in memoriam; grandma is very alive and well, living on her own in New Jersey. I had wanted to do a photo shoot with her, inspired by Danielle Levitt, the photographer I am currently interning for. Here is my favorite shot of the day.



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