CMJ 2013

1,400+ bands/musicians performing at 80+ venues across NYC & Brooklyn.

Intense, overwhelming; subways and cabs across town and between boroughs in hopes to catch that artist perform their short set.

I often missed the artist I was going to see because the schedule of the performances was so loose, and I tried to conquer too much. I’ll know better for next year, to do my research and hone in on those few artists I really want to hear.

But this year, I got a taste. And what I most enjoyed was not the music, but observing the one overriding common thread that of all performers and attendees shared: energy, enthusiasm, LOVE for music.


Not listed in any particular order… the artists featured in the images are:
Thomas Azier, Kalela, Empress Of, W$, Shy Girls, Gone Quite Mad, Walking Shapes






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