I told y’all that I got a new job working at MTV World.

My first day on the job they told me I had a shoot with a Swedish artist the following the day.

I was nervous. I conferred with the wonderful editorial team and the amazing MTV Iggy producers about the shoot all day, planning locations and looks and logistics. I was really nervous.

The train ride home… I texted my cousin, and told her to google the artist. As I typed the text message, it occurred to me… the artists name was: ELLIPHANT (<- this is one of her music videos). For those of you who know me personally, you know how much significance elephants have in my life. For those of you who don’t know me well, let me briefly explain:

Elephants are like my family crest. Two months before my mother passed away, she (my mom), my sister, my dad and I got matching elephant tattoos.My family collects elephant statues. My sister and I buy them in every country we visit, our friends and family have sent them to us from all over the world. They are our symbol of luck. They are the constant reminder that my mother is with me all the time.

So. My first day at my new job, and I’m nervous about the shoot I have to do the following day. But then I realize I am shooting an…. Elliphant. What could be more lucky?

The editorial came out today. Below is a screen grab. Check out the full shoot by clicking HERE.

EWP for MTV Iggy // Elliphant



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